My 30 Day Fitness Challenge Update

Happy Thursday you guys! We’re at the tail end of the week… has your week been going?

I just wanted to update you since I’m at the halfway point on my 30 Day Fitness Challenge. Remember I shared it a couple of weeks ago? I started this challenge to do two things:

1. Get stronger and feel good in my body and 2. To build a habit to move my body every single day.

So far, so good. But……

You guys. I HATE planks. Never have been a fan of them, which is why I included them in my challenge but the hate has grown even deeper. Why are they SO hard?

So to break it down, for 30 days I do a set number of squats, push ups, planks (detest, despise, I’d cut them in their sleep if I could) and crunches. And the number increases every few days. For example, day 1 started with 50 squats…, day 15, I did 140. I’ve done the challenge every single day since April 13th. And I can tell a difference so far in my strength and flexibility. High fives! I just feel so good that I’ve stuck to this for 15 days so far. And it’s definitely helping. I also do a Body Pump (strength training) class two days a week and it has really helped to push me to lift heavier weights.

Here’s what I do:

Squats. Gotta work the booty. Being from a family that has the “booty genes” I was a little hesitant to add this to my strength routine but now I’m like, whatever. Who doesn’t want tighter and toner junk in their trunk? Outside of toning and tightening, squats also work your abs, help you become more flexible, gives you better balance and I find that doing 100s is cardio. I’m panting and sweating a bit after doing them.

Push ups. I have very weak upper body strength. I want to get stronger in my upper body and just get better at doing push ups. Right now I’m doing them on my knees and my goal is to move to my feet. It’s getting easier to push myself up and I can tell I’m getting better and can do a few on my feet. But I’m pushing myself to do more.

Planks. Did I mention that I HATE these? Is it normal to shake like a tree branch in a hurricane while doing them? If so, then I’m doing it right. I know that they’re great for building a strong core (another weak area of mine), improve posture and flexibility and all that jazz. Still, they suck. BUT. I’m doing them and am getting better at these too. This morning called for a 1.5 minute plank. I did it except for the 10 seconds I had to move to my knees. Nicholas (my 9 year old) timed me and said that I was “feeling the burn” and that that was a good thing. If you need a trainer, he’d be a good one.

I’m afraid of the day when I have to do a 5 minute plank. I said “There’s no way I can do a five minute plank!” To which Nicholas said “You broke your rule*. You can’t say ‘I can’t.’ You have to turn your ‘I can’t into I can.'” Touché. Out of the mouth of babes.

*I have a list of goals for April that I am working on accomplishing and it’s hanging on the fridge to see everyday. (It’s all pretty and colorful and everything – that’s the creative in me.) Turning an I can’t into an I can is one of the goals. I’ll do a post about these goals at a later date.

Crunches. Killing these. I’m sure I have 6 pack hiding somewhere in my body and while that’s not the goal to me doing this challenge, it would be nice – I’m not gonna lie. But as I said, core strength is non existent for me so I added these to my challenge.

So, I’ve got 15 more days of this challenge and I plan on keeping up with it with a different challenge next month. I feel like I’m doing a good thing for my body. I have a ways to get to where I want to be, but baby steps. I’m taking them and I feel a lot better than I did 15 days ago, that’s for sure. ❤️

I hope you’re doing fabulous! Do something good for yourself today too….baby steps are better than nothing. ??


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