It’s the Weekend + Friday Links

Hey there. 

TGIF. For real.

What are your plans this weekend? We’ll be cheering for Hope in her figure skating competition. She’ll be skating this evening and Saturday and we’re excited to see her dance on the ice. On Sunday, we’ll have a pretty laid back day and in the evening, we’ll get together with friends for a birthday dinner. (Happy birthday Jenn!❤️)

Here’s a roundup of fun stuff from the internets this week. Enjoy! 


I didn’t think it was possible but my crush on Justin Timberlake has gotten bigger. Can’t.stop.listening to his new song – it’s so much fun!

I’m watching an over the top show on Hulu right now. It’s my guilty pleasure. If you’ve seen any of the Housewives series, you’ll get it. I literally LOL when I watch it.

Speaking of LOL, this also made me LOL, because you KNOW it’s true, especially #2 and #5.

I just got a jig saw recently and can’t wait to use it. I’ve got a project already lined up – a huge cheese board. It’ll be perfect for some lovely summer nights on the back patio and a glass, or two, of wine.

Pour me one of these. Looks SO good. And pretty. 

This quote. #selfdiscovery

This neon art is brilliant. I’m in love. 

I have a sewing machine. I should dust it off and make this fabulous sequin maxi skirt. 

On my next staycation in the city, I’d like to stay here. It’s a splurge but LOOK at it! The rooms look so rich and decadent. The decor is beautiful.

These chocolate cookies look amazing

The Met Gala dress that Claire Danes wore is insane. It LIGHTS UP, people. Too cool. 

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  1. Jenn
    Posted May 14, 2016 at 5:19 pm | Permalink

    So much to comment on and LOVE! Those were some great shares. I’m thinking at the very least we visit the bar of the Palladian hotel. Plus that quote is inspiring too…almost in a tongue in cheek way. I’m going to do what I want! Wait-what is that exactly? 🙂

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