It’s the Weekend! + Favorite Words

Oh yea! It’s Friday! Whatcha up to this weekend? Tonight I plan on resting up since it was a pretty full week. This will include some episodes of “Scandal” and a glass of red wine. Tomorrow, Rob and I will be celebrating with our friends’ and their 40th birthdays! Happy 80th Jen and Seth! ❤️ I hope that whatever you’re up to this weekend, that you have fun doing what you love and get to spend it with some of your favorite people. 

Today I wanted to do something a little different than my normal thing where I share fun finds for the week from the Internet and post them in a round up of goodness. Today I want to share some of my most favorite quotes/sayings. I LOVE words and the emotions that they can cause me to feel. I love to be inspired. I have little bits of paper all over (on my desk, in my purse, in drawers) that I will write a quote down on that I hear and love, a notebook full of quotes/sayings and a little file on my phone of words of inspiration that I want to remember and use at a later time. 

Here are a few of my favorites.

(That Mother Theresa quote up there? LOVE.IT.)

What are some of your favorite quotes/sayings? What words inspire you and give you all the feelings? xx

What’s IS stopping you? 

You are good enough. Really. You are. I am. I tell myself this every day. Some days are easier to believe it than others, but it’s true. So true. 

A personal goal in life: to always look for the good. It’s hard to do sometimes. But what you see and look for, you’ll most likely get in return. I want good in my life, so I really try to look for it. 

Be kind. Always. Always, always, always.

Staying patient in my journey is pretty difficult at times but through that patience I’m learning so much about myself. I hear the little whispers that help me grow and become the person that I want to be. I’m not quite where I want to be but I’m getting there, and trusting the process as I go. ❤️

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