Hello Tosha

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  • Want to get
    to know me?
    Here are a few things you should know!

First and most importantly, I am Mommy to two of the most adorable little people on the planet (I am biased, but to me, it’s totally true.) and I am married to a Polish-Italian hottie who thinks he looks like Vin Diesel. Close, but not quite. And I think he looks WAY better than Vin. I am crazy about my little family and am thankful everyday that they are my people. You’ll see them show up on the blog from time to time.

I live in the Pacific Northwest. Washington state has always been my home. Always will be.
Rain and all. (The summers here are ridiculously gorgeous!)

I have an intense love/hate relationship with working out. I wish I was as consistent with working out as I dream up in my head, but I am not. I’m working on it though. Gotta stay healthy for myself and my peeps, you know what I mean?
(And WHY can’t I just remember how good I feel when I’ve finished a workout?
Sadly, I do not.)

I love to be with my friends. What is life without some good’ ol fashioned honest to goodness friendship?
(And if there is a bottle of wine somewhere in the vicinity to share, even better.)

I love to laugh. (That photo up there proves it.) Until I cry and my stomach is sore. Laughing is the BEST.

Speaking of people and laughing, I LOVE to throw a good party. Whether it’s a small, low key, impromptu get together or a full on shindig (complete with confetti), hosting awesome people in my home is an absolute favorite activity of mine. I love to share the love with those around me and shake you up a good cocktail. I even have a disco ball in my kitchen. And it makes me SO happy.

I grew up in the military (my dad was in the Air Force) and therefore, have traveled all over the world.
Thankfully, I still have the travel bug and will leave town whenever I get a chance to do so.

I’m a hugger. If I see you, get yourself ready for one. If hugging was an Olympic sport, I’m sure I’d get a gold medal.

My favorite color is red. And turquoise. Throw some yellow in there too. Oh! How about orange?

I have a serious addiction to scarves. I need an intervention, stat. Especially since I only have one neck.

Coffee? Yes, please. Add a side of bacon because really, it should be its own food group.

Growing up, I used to be terribly shy. People who know me now tell me that I’m lying about that. I am not. No, really. Like super shy.
Now, you can’t shut me up. Ask my husband. Bless his heart.

I was a preemie when I was born. I weighed 2 pounds, had to be wrapped in foil to be warm and had a 5% chance of surviving my first night.
I’m PRETTY sure that makes me a fighter.

I am a creative. Always have been, always will be. I love to make things look pretty, from a plate of food to an office wall. If I can make it look cute, sign me up. Anything that allows me to be creative makes me happy.

I love to meet new people, I am loyal, funny (ask my kids), a hard worker, try to spread the good, am compassionate, use the word awesomesauce way too much, love to throw parties, consider pancakes to be a comfort food and am a night owl.

I LOVE taking photos. I LOVE being a photographer. Seriously. Love it.
I am so happy that I have a passion that allows me to be creative, see the beauty around me, tell stories and help you create beautiful and special memories with your loved ones.
I would love to be your photographer and would be honored to welcome you into the Hello October Photography family. Come on in.

If you’d like to get in front of my camera, have some fun, and LOVE your photos afterwards, shoot me an email. And I’ll give you a virtual high five. Well, after I respond back to you. And then I’ll give you a big hug when I see you in real life.


Call me up or text me at 206.979.2091.

(photo above by the most lovely and amazing Sue Bryce)