Favorite Instagrammers || Part 1

I love me some Instagram. Like, big love. I tend to scroll through Instagram more than Facebook. To me, Instagram is way more inspiring, has prettier photos to look through and it just makes me feel good and inspired. I wanted to share some of my favorite Instagrammers. I ALWAYS check their feeds. Maybe you’ll like them too! Today I’ll share part one. I’ll share part two and three soon! 



(Are you on Instagram? If so, let me know! I’d love to see your world. You can find me over there as @octoberhello and @hellooctobermakes.)

@fromwhereIdrone // I just love this Instagram account. Sometimes I gasp when I see a drone photo come up in my feed because it literally takes my breath away. This feed shows you a totally different view point of nature and every single photo is unbelievably gorgeous. No lie. Seriously, our world is a beautiful place. Makes me wish I was a bird. 

@dallasclayton // I’m all for looking for the good and finding the positivity in life. Dallas is all about it too. I’ve been a fan of Dallas’ for a long time when I bought his books a few years ago for the kiddos (my favorite is this one) and I never tire of seeing his illustrations or reading his writings. They’re happy, energetic and simple with a lovely message.

@misterweekender // Travel. I love it. Jaharn Giles gives me a serious case of wanderlust when she posts photos of her travels. She’s been all over the world, including some places I’ve been to (her Iceland photos make me SO happy) and places that are on my travel wish list (like Dubai and the Maldives). Until I become independenly wealthy, I’ll live vicariously through her gorgeous travel photos. 

@abeautifulmess // If you’ve not heard about A Beautiful Mess, where have you been? I’ve followed sisters Elsie and Emma for years and they’re are some of my favorite bloggers and they are crazy talented. Full of DIYs, recipes for amazing food and yummy cocktails, they always have something new and fresh up on their blog and in their Instagram feed. They each have their own Instagram accounts as well that are fun to follow. But ABM is fun…..it’s like candy for your eyeballs. I get all kinds of great ideas from them and they are mega creative, knowledgable and fun. I’d love to meet them in person. 

@justintimberlake // I follow a small little group of celebrities. Like people that I want to be BFF with, invite over to my house for dinner, or just like to see what they’re up to. JT is an absolute favorite. DUH! I have a super crush on him….. I’m not even going to lie. He’s a new dad, can dance, is funny, loves his mom and is best friends with my other man crush, Jimmy Fallon. What is not to love? And with his new song out now that’s on repeat in our house, my love for him is bigger. Didn’t think that was possible. ?

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